About Me

A modern-day nomad with a passion for life, love, and social marketing.

‘Ello, I’m Edward. A free-thinking, face-making, social media strategist and expert who loves: music, fashion, traveling, collaborating and discovering unexpected moments to treasure. With years of hands-on experience in social marketing, advertising, and social advertising, I have work industries ranging from online fashion retail to education.

I have assisted brands and businesses increase traffic, brand awareness and social following tremendously through my expertise and millennial mindset. As an analytical and creative strategist, I possess the best of both worlds. Agile, communicative, and an interdisciplinarian, I have used my skills to increase Broward’s College following by 20 thousand followers in half a year.

If you are having trouble with your brand or just looking to take your blog or social channels to the next level, I’m your guy – from an influencer level and strategy standpoint.

Drop me a line to collaborate on future projects or if you want to learn how to become a social media expert: hi@uzzlemedia.com


“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece” – John Ruskin

Social Media Marketing

Graphic Design

Web Design

Digital Marketing Stragety


An outgoing, resourceful, imaginative, and hardworking individual equipped with great organizational and communicative skills.

Uzzle Media

As a start-up Digital Marketing Agency, Uzzle Media works to assist brands and businesses develop, cultivate, and perfect their digital marketing efforts. Uzzle Media operates under the leadership and management of Edward Uzzle.

Group III International

As the Digital Media Director for SWISSGEAR.com and Backpacks.com, I oversee, manage, and strategize all the digital marketing efforts for the Backpacks brand. I work in tandem with in-house staff and third party vendors to create and manage all marketing campaigns. Assist in developing creative briefs for a private label backpack line.

Green Advertising

Worked on curating engaging content to reach targeted audiences and manage publishing accounts that included monitoring, listening, and establishing a social reputation.

One Twelfth

Worked closely with the CEO in the implementation of social media ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for Motorola. Established Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaigns for Wacom’s in the South American/Latin market through Google Adwords.